Since the day you started your business you have been struggling to keep up with the amount of “stuff” in your inbox. As the business owner, you are in charge of everything from paying the utility bills to hiring new employees. Most new businesses attempt to keep their own books as well. Unfortunately, keeping good records takes time and can be tedious. Abacus Accounting and Bookkeeping specializes in taking those tasks off your plate. We do the books for a whole spectrum of companies and have a wealth of experience and systems to make sure that your business is as profitable as possible. Many of our clients are surprised to find out how inexpensive hiring a part-time bookkeeper can be. The majority of small businesses only need a couple of hours a week in bookkeeping making our services extremely affordable.

We work with any industry; including Non-profit Organizations, HOAs, Chamber of Commerce, Real Estate, Donor-Advised Funds, and restaurants.

Remember, a good business owner knows when and how to delegate! Call us today for a free consultation.