COVID-19 Financial Resources

COVID-19 Financial Resources

Do you have financial business questions related to Covid-19?

Abacus can help you plan and prepare for your company’s future.

  • SBA loan questions
  • Getting books up-to-date
  • Accurate Financials
  • Help filling out applications
  • Finding Resources 
  • Monthly forecasting:

While everyone is scrambling to find stable footing during the Covid-19 crisis, here are a few resources for you to guide your business decisions. If you need help finding answers for your company’s financial situation, give us a call.

  1. 0% SLC disaster assistance business loans.  Business must be registered in Salt Lake City proper.
  2. Helpful on the personal finance side of things!
  3. More 0% loans
  4. 3.75% disaster assistance SBA loans
  5. Want to start a GoFundMe?
  6. Unemployment Insurance Questions for you or your employees

Personal Finance Tips During Covid-19

  • Go through your budget.  You’ll be surprised at what you are not spending money on right now if you are staying in.  Cancel memberships and unnecessary expenses.
  • Contact your lenders, ie. Mortgages, automobiles, credit cards.  See what the options are as far as putting payments on hold.
  • Hold on to your cash.  You don’t know for how long you are going to need it.